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6 Questions the Park Regency Staff Can Answer

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6 Questions the Park Regency Staff Can Answer

The Park Regency staff don't want any residents to worry or fret about things alone, which is why they're always on hand to answer questions and provide caring service. Here are just some of the questions the staff at Park Regency Thornton can help you answer.

1. Am I compliant with my medication requirements?

If you're confused about your meds or worried you're not taking the right pills at the right time, the Park Regency staff can help with medication management. The nursing or pharmacy staff can also answer basic questions about issues such as medication use and side effects or work with you to get more answers from your healthcare provider.

2. What can I eat on this new diet?

If your doctor has put you on a restricted diet for any reason, the Park Regency staff can help you understand what types of things you can eat. Plus, they can help encourage you to stay on the diet and ensure that you have appropriate choices in the dining areas.

3. Is a certain activity available at the Park Regency assisted living community?

If you're looking to participate in a certain activity or hobby, talk to the assisted living staff to find out what options are already available and if an activity can be added to the schedule. They can also help you understand what resources and common areas are available if you want to start an activity yourself with friends in the community.

4. What's allowed in my assisted living apartment?

Did you know burning candles aren't allowed due to safety reasons, but some pets are? Talk to the staff at Park Regency in Thornton to understand exactly what you can have in your assisted living apartment. You may be surprised that there aren't many restrictions and that residents are encouraged to live independent, safe lives as much as possible.

5. Is there transportation to a certain place or event?

While many residents still drive and some might avail themselves of public transportation, the Park Regency staff does schedule transport to a variety of events. Ask the staff if you need help getting to an appointment, are interested in participating in community or shopping outings or want to propose that transportation be provided for a certain event.

6. What does a change in my vital signs mean?

 If you're tracking vital signs such as blood pressure, you may wonder if a change you're seeing is something you should contact your healthcare provider about — especially if you're feeling fine. While the Park Regency staff can't offer you the same medical attention your own doctor can, they can help you understand what certain things might indicate so you can make a more educated choice about contacting your provider.