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How the Staff in Thornton Is Ready to Serve Seniors

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How the Staff in Thornton Is Ready to Serve Seniors

We know that residents at Park Regency in Thornton, CO, choose to make their home in an assisted living community for a variety of reasons. But whether you're looking for a cozy community where social activities are easy to access or need assistance with things like medication management and mobility, the compassionate Park Regency staff is happy to serve.

Here are just some ways the assisted living staff in Thornton work daily to make senior lives easier and brighter.

Planning Activities

We love that our assisted living community is a vibrant place where seniors can make new friends, engage with old friends and take part in regular activities. The staff works to plan fun, educational and helpful events for residents, and you'll find activities on the schedule including:

Cooking classes in the country kitchen, where you can learn new recipes and nutrition tips while enjoying time with friends in the ambience of an inviting cook space

Outings to cultural events and shopping areas in the Thornton area

Movie nights in the on-site movie theater, which include both new blockbusters and classic favorites

Recreational classes and activities in the creative arts room, where you can make fun items or learn a new craft or hobby

Exercise programs, which help you stay active and maintain a healthy weight and fitness level

Providing Health and Wellness Services

Living in the assisted living community in Thornton provides peace of mind about medical matters because caring, well-trained staff is always available to assist with your health and wellness needs. On-site pharmacy services help you keep all regular prescriptions on-hand and give you a go-to for questions about medication interactions, and the 24-hour emergency call system lets you rest easily in your own assisted living apartment knowing staff is moments away if you need them.

Licensed nurse supervision means you can rely on the around-the-clock staff for assistance with a variety of personal and medical needs, including:

Management of medication

Assessment of health and monitoring of vital signs such as blood sugar

Monitoring and management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes

Memory care services, as required

The staff at Park Regency also works to minimize everyone's risk of falls through a fall prevention program, and on-site rehabilitation services help you recover after an injury or surgery without being away from your home community. We also provide services that help protect your mental and spiritual wellness too. An on-site chaplain serves spiritual needs while on-site therapy services help when you have mental health concerns.

Maintaining a Clean, Safe Environment

The Park Regency staff work equally hard ensuring seniors have a welcoming, enjoyable environment in both their apartments and the many common areas. That includes:

Maintaining the community to ensure functionality and visual aesthetic, both indoors and out

Ensuring the secure courtyard is safe for all residents to enjoy

Housekeeping and laundry services to keep each area looking and feeling great

Preparing Delicious Meals

Whether you're looking forward to the next meal or planning an event for your family, the staff at Thornton can set a spread that you won't be disappointed in. Restaurant-style dining is available at flexible times to suit the eating habits of all residents, and the staff ensures seniors have access to ready snacks and light meals through the always-available menu. Daily specials are made from scratch, and staff can even help you set up a private dining room and cater a party for friends or family.

Answering Questions and Alleviating Worries

The staff at Park Regency assisted living community in Thornton serves seniors 24/7 and is always willing to answer questions, alleviate worries or simply provide a compassionate ear. Each on-site professional, from housekeeping and dining services to nursing and pharmacy experts, works to ensure residents can enjoy every day at Park Regency.