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Carrying on Your Faith-Based Traditions in an Assisted Living Community

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Carrying on Your Faith-Based Traditions in an Assisted Living Community

Continue your life in Christian service to God through the many faith-based opportunities we offer here at the Park Regency assisted living community in Thornton, CO. You can keep up with all the daily and weekly practices you’ve maintained with your church and community-based faith groups right here at Park Regency through our regularly scheduled events, on-site offerings and the personal time you devote to your faith. If you need additional support or are missing a tradition from your life, reach out to one of our staff members for help in carrying out your faith journey.

On-Site Chaplain Available for Group and One-on-One Needs

All of the Bethesda Senior Living Communities are faith based, and the Park Regency takes this seriously with the inclusion of a chaplain on our on-site staff. Whether you need to seek counsel on a one-on-one basis or would like to schedule a time for you and a group of your friends to benefit from wisdom, our chaplain is available to help you grow in faith. Just tap one of our staff members to learn the best to meet with the chaplain or set up a time for your group.

Attend Regular Sunday Services

As a faith-based community, we remain unaffiliated with any particular church and instead encourage our residents to continue following their faith traditions. That’s why we offer a variety of Sunday service types from communion to interdenominational worship. Catholic services are also offered each Friday. You can also arrange plans and transportation (via your own vehicle or with friends or family) to continue attending church services at your home church. Be sure to check with your physician first if you have any mobility or travel limitations.

Participate in Midweek Faith Stimulating Meetings

Each Wednesday, our calendar of events includes devotional meetings and Bible studies. These meetings are hosted by several of our staff members and volunteers and can be customized to suit the tastes of our residents. If you desire to spend more time studying a particular book in the Bible or following a specific devotional plan, speak with our staff to discuss options and find out about upcoming meetings.

Connect With Like-Minded Believers for Informal Sessions

Finding like-minded believers at Park Regency is as simple as looking around at the neighbors you already have. If you’d like to participate in a certain holiday observance or type of service, gather a group of your friends and neighbors and begin planning. Our staff members can help you bring that desire to life and gather the resources you need. We can also connect you with local churches that may be willing to send representatives to our property to host meetings and events.

Continue Your Personal Faith Activities

Maintaining your preferred faith activities while living as a Park Regency assisted living resident is as simple as making time for them on your calendar. You can continue to celebrate and grow in your faith by taking the opportunity to regularly:

  • Say your rosaries or prayers each day or at the same time each week
  • Follow book or online devotionals to learn more about what God wants for your life and to experience growth through prayer
  • Outline a personal curriculum to use as the basis for your next individual Bible study

Your faith and life as a Christian is important to us at Park Regency. Never hesitate to reach out if we can help you meet your spiritual needs.