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Getting Ready for Fall in Your Assisted Living Apartment

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Getting Ready for Fall in Your Assisted Living Apartment

September 27 is National Scarf Day, and September 30 is National Hot Mulled Cider Day. These are just some of the unofficial events that help demonstrate that September is a month that’s about the changing of the season. During this time, the winds shift a bit, the temperatures start to drop and the world around the Park Regency Thornton assisted living community typically moves into autumn.

Whether you’re ready each year to embrace the pumpkin spice flavors and falling leaves or you wish summer would hang on a little longer, you know from many years’ experience that you can’t keep the seasons from marching forward. So, make September a time that you work to get ready for fall to help make it an enjoyable and practical season this year.

1. Consider making the big move in fall.

Late summer or early fall can be a great time to make your move into an assisted living community if you’re considering it. First, the weather may be cooler, which can help reduce the annoyance and stress of packing and moving items from one place to another. Children may be back in school, which could free up some adults to help you during the day with these tasks.

But fall is also often a season of excitement building prior to the holidays. As Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas draw closer, there tend to be more special activities and events, and people tend to become more open to spending time with and helping others. And while the residents at Park Regency Thornton assisted living community always support each other — and the staff are always working to develop activities and a fun social calendar — there’s simply something joyful and active about fall that makes it special. That can help increase your enjoyment of your first few weeks in your new home.

2. Decorate your assisted living apartment in seasonable colors.

If you’ve already moved into an assisted living apartment or have been living in one for a while, consider decorating it for the fall season. You don’t have to fill your small space with clutter to do this. It might be as simple as switching out the blanket on your bed and the shower curtain in your bathroom for one with autumnal colors, for example. Or, you could hang a fall-themed wreath on your door, add a haunting throw pillow to your sofa or invest in a gorgeous seasonal centerpiece for a table. Often, a little touch can make a big difference.

3. Take time during the month to swap out your wardrobe.

While you’re swapping out your decor, take some time to make seasonable changes to your wardrobe. September and early October are great times to dig into storage bins to bring out heavier sweaters, your winter robe and a coat, hat and scarf you love.

If you’re having trouble getting into storage bins yourself, invite a family member or friend over to help you. Serve hot tea or coffee with some cookies or light sandwiches and make an afternoon of it. This type of activity can offer time to have meaningful conversations or simply bond over fond memories.

4. Stock up on your favorite supplies for hot beverages.

Speaking of hot beverages, late summer or early fall is a great time to stock up on supplies so you have something warm to sip on during cool mornings or evenings in your assisted living apartment. Whether you like to brew a cup of coffee or use an electric tea kettle almost daily, some of the best flavors align with the coming season.

You don’t have to like pumpkin spice everything to add some autumnal vibes to your warm beverage caddy, either. Shop for teas that are comforting to you and include hints of seasonal flavors such as nutmeg, cinnamon or peppermint. Or, keep a couple of peppermint sticks or chocolate-covered spoons on hand to stir your coffee or tea and add a simple, sweet treat to your day.

Sweet treats are often synonymous with the fall and upcoming holiday season, so consider splurging for some gourmet hot cocoa. It makes a delicious addition to popcorn and movie night in your apartment. Purchase single-serving envelopes of luxurious hot chocolate in various flavors so you can enjoy an occasional treat but aren’t tempted to overindulge.  

5. Pick up a treat or two for yourself.

Don’t like warm beverages or hot cocoa? You can still pick up an occasional treat for yourself. Grocery stores started stocking Reece’s peanut butter pumpkins weeks ago, and the Halloween candy aisles are getting full.

Avoid buying the bulk bag of sweets and chocolates. Pick one or two items and spread them out over the coming weeks so you don’t indulge in too much sugar, which can increase inflammation and symptoms for all types of conditions.

Enjoying fall in your assisted living community is best done in moderation.

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