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Reasons the Park Regency Staff Give Thanks For Our Residents

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Reasons the Park Regency Staff Give Thanks For Our Residents

November is often considered a time to give thanks. The staff at Park Regency has a lot to be thankful for in 2018. We hope every staff member — as well as each of our residents — is able to find time this holiday to give thanks and to enjoy some restful time with family or friends.

One thing the Park Regency staff is thankful for is each and every resident in the community at Thornton. Obviously, without our residents, the staff would not have a place to come and work each day, and each team member is obviously thankful for a secure job that allows them to help others. But here are some other reasons Park Regency staff are thankful for the community.

The Wisdom of Residents

Working with senior populations gives each staff member the chance to interact with individuals who have wide-ranging experiences and who have collected wisdom through the years. We know that each resident has something unique to offer those who work with him or her each day. Staff enjoy hearing the stories and perspectives of each member of the Park Regency community as those insights make each day special.

The Ability to Do an Important Job

The Park Regency staff get to come to work knowing that they make a difference in the lives of others. That's true whether they serve in the dining areas, in housekeeping or as nurses or therapists. Doing work that is meaningful is important to many people, and it can make a huge difference in how a person enjoys their career.

People that Are Enjoyable To Serve

Working with people you enjoy serving is another thing the Park Regency staff can count as a blessing. Many staff members can be thankful for the opportunity to work with residents in the community, and they celebrate with those residents when health or mobility challenges are overcome, when spiritual revelations are discovered or when something exciting — like the birth of a grandchild — occurs.

Working in a Faith-Based Community

Working in a faith-based community brings something unique to the career of each Park Regency staff member. While staff and residents alike come from different backgrounds and beliefs, the faith-based mission of the community helps bolster goodwill toward each other. The staff appreciate the residents, treat each person with patience and kindness, and offer support to those who reside at Park Regency.

These are just some reasons the Park Regency staff can give thanks for our residents this November. Each person making a home in the assisted living community is unique, and we're thankful for each and every one.