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Show Some Love to Staff and Others This Valentine’s Day

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Show Some Love to Staff and Others This Valentine’s Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, the residents at Park Regency assisted living community in Thornton may be looking for ways to share love with others. Whether you want to show the assisted living staff at Thornton that you appreciate their service or want to send a kind note or token of platonic love to a friend, here are several fun options for the season.

1. Customized Treats

Customized chocolates or treats are a fun way to show anyone you care. Send grandkids, friends or professionals a token of appreciation or love this February with customized M&Ms. You can order the iconic chocolate candies with images or specific sayings on the candy coating. Young children will be delighted at candies with their face on them, and professionals might appreciate a bag of chocolate that proclaims "Thank you" or "You're so helpful!"

2. Notes of Gratitude

For many adults, just a note letting them know how much they mean to you can be a big deal. Look for a card that conveys exactly how you feel, is just beautiful or is in line with their personality. Then, pen a custom message inside. Alternatively, send a full letter or make a card specifically for the person in question.

3. Flowers or Greens

Flowers don't have to be a token of romantic appreciation only. They're an ideal way to show you care or are thinking of anyone. Choose flowers that match the mood of your relationship with someone. Daisies, for example, are very friendly.

Because flowers do have a language all their own, if you're not sure what might send the right message, skip the buds altogether. A lovely plant is also a great way to show you care, especially when it's accompanied by a personal card and message. Consider the gardening capabilities of the person you're sending live plants, though. Ivies, basic ferns, succulents and cacti are options that almost anyone can keep alive; plants that need more care should be reserved for those you know have a green thumb.

4. A Meal or Snack

The way to every person's heart might not be their stomach, but people do need to eat. And knowing someone took the time to prepare something for you or even arrange for you to have it can make you feel cared for and loved. Consider taking a friend or family member out to eat or taking the grandkids out for ice cream this February. Or, bake goodies to hand out to staff or offer a friend a warm cup of coffee, cookies and conversation right in your assisted living apartment.

Showing love for others doesn't have to be hard or expensive, and it doesn't have to be a February-only habit. If it's been a while since you shared appreciation for someone, now is a great time to start a habit that will warm your heart and others all year.