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The Professional Staff at Park Regency Thornton

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The Professional Staff at Park Regency Thornton

Did you know that the staff at Park Regency Thornton includes a wide range of professionals who are committed to high-quality, caring service? From on-site medical staff to the individuals who prepare and serve food in the dining area, the assisted living staff are happy to help residents with any needs.

One thing that the staff at Park Regency Thornton works toward is balancing support of independence with the ability to be present quickly and proactively should the need arise. We want all of our residents to enjoy their time in the assisted living community and be able to live as vibrantly and independently as possible.

Here are just some of the staff you might come across or work with when living at or visiting the assisted living community in Thornton.

Nursing Staff

Licensed nursing staff supervise other clinical care staff to ensure resident safety and high-quality service at all times. The nursing staff might help with medication management, monitoring of chronic conditions or the evaluation of immediate concerns so residents can make an appropriate decision about seeking medical care if necessary.

Rehabilitation Staff

On-site physical and occupational therapy staff members help seniors maintain levels of mobility or work toward recovery after an injury or surgery. That means you don't have to leave the assisted living community for physical therapy appointments each week if you need these treatments.

Other Healthcare Staff

On-site podiatry and pharmacy services are available for the convenience of our residents. Recreational therapists or activity coordinators also work to develop a schedule of activities to promote mobility, exercise and socialization.

Maintenance and Service Staff

The assisted living community at Thornton is regularly bustling with staff members who keep the grounds beautiful and safe or provide housekeeping to ensure inside areas are clean and inviting. Residents never have to worry that the community will look shabby when they invite family or friends to visit. Other staff members provide service in the dining hall or kitchen, cooking and serving delicious meals.

Spiritual Staff

An on-site chaplain is available to speak with any resident about spiritual concerns and needs. Staff may also work with residents and volunteers to create worship experiences or schedule community devotional or Bible study times.

 These are just a few of the staff at Park Regency Thornton who help keep the community running and provide daily services to residents. It takes a lot of work to maintain the grounds and all the services, which include amenities such as a movie theater, cafe, general store, library and computer center. But the professional and caring staff serve willingly and with compassion, striving to make each day enjoyable for every resident at the Park Regency assisted living community in Thornton.