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Ways to Improve Your Mind, Body and Soul

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Ways to Improve Your Mind, Body and Soul

September is National Self-Improvement Month, so take this opportunity to join other Park Regency residents in Thornton to become the best version of yourself. You may already have mental, physical or spiritual goals, and this is the perfect opportunity to recruit others to put your plans in motion. Let's look at ways to improve three major aspects of your life.


You probably already know that exercising your body keeps you fit and is an important part of self-improvement in any month. Don't slack off on exercise for your brain, either. See if you can enlist the staff to help you organize group events to help keep the whole community sharp.

According to the CDC's Healthy Brain Initiative, senior adults should take advantage of every opportunity to practice brain games and participate in group activities that keep their minds engaged. This isn't just a great outlet for boredom; it's essential for your continued mental health.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Read a book from Thornton's community library,
  • Sign up for an online computer course.
  • Play challenging games, such as chess or bridge.
  • Do word, crossword and jigsaw puzzles.
  • Practice Sudoku and similar games.
  • Learn something new like gardening or woodworking to improve your mental health.


You can keep your body as fit as you are able to by staying physically active on a regular basis.

  • Take a stroll on the grounds or around the community to enjoy the beautiful landscaping and keep your muscles active. This is great for your respiratory and circulatory systems.
  • Enjoy classes offered by the community for the opportunity to exercise and socialize with other residents.

Those with physical challenges can practice low-impact exercises, such as:

  • Tai chi
  • Yoga
  • Aquatic exercises

Physical fitness and healthy eating habits can help you look and feel great at any age. Try this trick if you need to cut down on salt or fat in your diet: Instead of having chips with your sandwich at lunch, eat a piece of fruit. You may find that small adjustments have a big impact over time, and this is the perfect time to try new things.


Doctors have known for decades that there is a close relationship between health and spirituality. How well you're doing spiritually has a recognized impact on healing and well-being.

September is a great time to reflect on emotional and spiritual goals you've been meaning to work on. Sometimes, it's good to pursue this through personal activities such as:

  • Journaling, which helps you work through anything you’ve been concerned about
  • Meditation, either alone or with a group, which helps you relax and quiet your mind

If your doctor has recommended that you reduce stress, either of these activities can help you focus and reduce anxiety by calming your mind. Writing out your concerns helps you take control of your thoughts and push away any negativity that's trying to weigh you down.

Helping others is another excellent way to feel great. Few things are more satisfying than volunteering your time and energy to a worthy cause. Here are things you can do alone or with friends in the assisted living community:

  • Start a prayer chain for a group or event, such as an upcoming election or a local mission.
  • Start an online crowdfund to support a local charity.
  • Invite speakers to uplift and inspire fellow residents.

Be sure to enlist the staff and other community residents in your plan. This is a great way to spread positivity and get to know others.

September is a great time to get started on these efforts, but don't stop there. Continue to stay active in prayer groups, exercise classes and charity events all year long for overall well-being in your mind, body and soul.